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M1 Garand Rifles

We specialize in parts and service for the M1 Garand World War II rifle

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AR-15 Assault Rifles

We stock teh complete line of AR-15 parts including new and retro AR-15 models.


Henderson Enterprises Gunshop is a licensed full service gunsmith shop and a Federal Firearms Liscensed Dealer.

We will receive your weapon when purchased from the Internet or auction house for a service charge of $25. Also, if you are selling a gun or sending a gun through the mail we can provide that service for $25 plus the actual cost of shipping. We know that people are looking for bargains, and shops like ours cannot compete with large mail order houses or internet auction houses, but with the law requiring that all guns be shipped to a FFL shop, we are happy to provide that service to our customers.

We stock a full line of powders and reloading supplies including brass and bullets from 22 caliber to the hefty 50 caliber BMG rounds. We carry boat tail bullets and tracers for the 50 caliber. All our brass is inspected prior to shipment for cracks or flaws that could impede reloading them. Since we order brass by the 1000 round box our prices are very competitive.

all-gunsDave Henderson has been a practicing gunsmith and shooter since 1974 where he started as an apprentice gunsmith. Later he got into the custom design of rifles mainly the Mauser 98 and 96 series converting them to virtually every caliber a hunter or target shooter could want. From glass bedding a stock to custom mounting scopes, Dave has done it all. Dave has attended a number of accredited schools for gunsmiths and now operates a full-time full service gunsmith shop with a very extensive tooling and bluing system. Henderson Enterprises can put virtually any type of plating on your gun from nickel to gold, parkerizing to bluing, it is all within the scope of work Dave does every day.

We can custom manufacture barrels and fit them to your action and we maintain a stock of serial numbered actions on hand. We keep Caspian Receivers in stock for those who want a nice M1 Garand at a price they can afford or a Winchester, H&R, IHC, or Springfield for those who want a more wartime version rifle. Whatever it is our goal is to give the customer what they want not what we want to sell.

Thanks for shopping Henderson Enterprises
Dave Henderson

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