Completely redone M1 Garand Springfield


A total restoration of a Springfield M1 Garand.  Gas Tube, All internal parts, Bolt, clip latch and spring, New CMP stock. This is as nice a looking M1 Garand as you will see out there. I am not into the numbers so they are not matching as I go for a nice looking gun that shoots well verses a old beat up gun with numbers that match now.  email me at for more pictures if you like. Also must ship to FFL and they must be willing to accept a gun from an individual with drivers license. Should be no problem as I have done it for years and never had a problem. Same as sending in a gun for repair or gunsmith work. You can also call 1-302-751-1311 if you have more questions. I also have a CMP service grade certificated M1D with USGI M84 scope and USGI T37 flash hider and a USGI Scope mount. This comes from back when you could still get a really nice looking one and not just the rack grade you get now. 2600.00 plus 35.00 shipping on either gun. Add them up on Ebay and you will pay over 3000 for the same thing. Email me for what is available.

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