M1 Garand Parts

We stock vertually every part for the M1 Garands, from full kits to custom made Garands. We generaly keep around a dozen completed Garands in stock at all times and we try to keep various makers such as Springfield, Winchester, International Harverter, and Caspian. If you want a Garand with all matching parts we can do that and will be priced accordingly. We have over 50 cartouche stamps for the M1 Garand and M1 Carbine, However when we place a stamp on the stock of either gun we will mark the inside of the stock "reproduction" we will not stamp any stock wihout doing this so please do not ask us to. Creating a brand new looking Garand or Carbine with all the correct parts and marks is great but to misrepresent the gun would not be within our standards.

Item Name Product Image Price

Follower and Slide

M1 Garand Follower and Slide New Old Stock
Follower and Slide $34.95


Front Hand Guard Metal

Front Hand Guard Metal Ferrul New Old Stock
Front Hand Guard Metal $19.95


Front Sight

M1 Garand Front Sight New
Front Sight $24.95


M1 Garand Bolt Complete

M1 Garand complet Bolt various mfg but most are SA.
M1 Garand Bolt Complete $159.95


M1 Garand Bullet Guide

M1 Garand Bullet Guide New
M1 Garand Bullet Guide $34.95


M1 Garand Butt Plate Lower Screw Long

M1 Garand Lower Butt Plate Screw
M1 Garand Butt Plate Lower Screw Long $4.95


M1 Garand Butt Plate New

New M1 Garand Butt Plate
M1 Garand Butt Plate New $39.95


M1 Garand Clip Ejector

M1 Garand Clip Ejector New and Used
M1 Garand Clip Ejector $5.95


M1 Garand Gas Tube

M1 Garand Used Gas Tube Without Sight
M1 Garand Gas Tube $129.95


M1 Garand Latch Arm Pin

M1 Garand Latch Arm Pin
M1 Garand Latch Arm Pin $6.95


M1 Garand Latch Spring

M1 Garand Latch Spring New
M1 Garand Latch Spring $3.95


M1 Garand Op Rod

M1 Garand Op Rod used servicable email me at hegunshop@aol.com or call 302-751-1311 
M1 Garand Op Rod $154.95

Min:  3
Max: 3

M1 Garand Rear Sling Holder

M1 Garand rear sling holder New
M1 Garand Rear Sling Holder $24.95


M1 Original USGI Barrel NOS

New Old Stock M1 Garand Barrels still wrapped in cheesecloth, as delivered to the US Military USGI part not reproduction ASSEMBLY AND HEADSPACING BY...
M1 Original USGI Barrel NOS $325.00


Trigger Group

M1 Garand Trigger Group various MFG's New and Used
Trigger Group $149.95


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