Norden Bomb Sights for Sale

Here are some of the Norden Bomb Sights I have for Sale or Trade. Each is priced Differantly so please email me at for details. I do not ship outside of the US. No Paypal even on them. I have now sold well over 200 Norden Bombsights since I started selling them in 1976. The current prices are inflated because of greed and no one is paying it. I will always be the most reasonable place to buy a Norden Bombsight

Item Name Product Image Price

Norden Bomb sight just in

04/16/2014 Just in perfect Norden Bombsight. I will have pictures shortly. No where near what EBay nuts are asking for them. Most of my sights run...
Norden Bomb sight just in $2,700.00


Norden Bomb Sight Number 1

NORDEN BOMB SIGHT FOR SALE 04/16/2014 Don't fall for the prices on Ebay Norden Bombsights are not a 3000.00 to over 4000.00 item. I have All makes of...
Norden Bomb Sight Number 1 $2,500.00


Norden Bombsight Rubber Eyepeice

04/16/2014 The rubber only eyepeice for the Norden bombsight. Fix that melted or missing eye peices Shipping is 8.00 and check to...
Norden Bombsight Rubber Eyepeice $65.00


New Products For February - Norden Bomb Sights for Sale

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